Novels on ghosting

I love the cover of this book — especially in comparison to the dreadful Canadian version. A dear friend lugged it across the American border. Let me know which one you like more!

I am sure you’ve figured out by now that I love coming-of-age and quarter-life crisis stories. Some might say it’s because I am in the middle of figuring my life out — but no one wants to have that discussion on a Friday.

Life is difficult. Nina is a 30 something-year-old trying to figure out being single amongst her blissfully wedded and pregnant friends, an ailing father, and an emotionally unavailable mother going through a very late mid-life crisis. But when Nina meets a close-to-perfect man of her dreams, she starts to believe things are looking up when he suddenly disappears. Nina spent agonizing weeks contacting him, genuinely concerned about his well-being. She thought he had fallen ill, met with ill fate, or even died. After all, how could someone she’s met with every single day for a few months disappear without a trace?

Nina’s story was hard to read. There are a lot of familiar heartbreaking romance tropes, but I’ve rarely read one about ghosting. I’ve never experienced it first hand, but as a person who’s concerned when people take longer than usual to reply, I can’t imagine how unbearable it might feel if a SO were to disappear without a word.

Ghosts was well-written with care, and it will stay with me for a long time. I hope you give it a try as well.



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